Gern Gesehen

A photo project with Sinti and Roma in Munich (2019)

Photographs and book production

Nine Sinti and Roma from Munich talk about their lives. Some of their faces are pensive, some are cheerful. Toni, for instance, called after his interview and said: »There has to be a rainbow in this book, by all means a rainbow.« Thus it happened that Toni can be seen with a streak of light in rainbow colors at his chin and neck in the little book »gern gesehen« that was published on March 13, the memorial day of the deportation of the Sinti and Roma from Munich. (Thomas Anlauf on March 14, 2019, Süddeutsche Zeitung)

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Gern Gesehen was awarded the Pechmann Prize in 2021 and has been honored with the Münchner Lichtblicke Award in 2023.

In cooperation with Sabine Böhlau (kairosis), Wolfram Saathoff (Haus am Meer) and Fabian Brüder. With kind support from Freudenberg Stiftung.