Music-theatrical Installation (2020)

Photographs, light object and light design


»MEMBRA asks how we deal with our own physicality in the times of Covid-19.
MEMBRA looks for outlets and pathways for these emotional and physical experiences.«

In August 2020, MEMBRA, a musical and theatrical installation, took Dieterich Buxtehude's cantata cycle ‘Membra Jesu Nostri’ as its starting point, and, like the 7 cantatas of the work, created 7 scenic-installative stations throughout the venue ‘Kühlhaus Berlin’ and, on the basis of 7 body parts, led guests through the body. 

In the midst of the 'corona restrictions', we artists joined forces and did not allow ourselves to be restricted in the continued expression of our previous artforms by external regulations, but playfully transferred them into new forms.

My contributions were large format photographs of the body parts, as they were: feet, knees, the hand, the body side, chest and face. To represent the heart, I built a light object.

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In cooperation with Tristan&Associates, Kühlhaus Berlin and Ensemble Wunderkammer.

Review of Bernd Feuchtner at, August 26th 2020.