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About me

I was born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany in 1984. My professional career began in front of the camera, as an actor.

At the age of 16 I moved to Hamburg to join the cast of the television series »Die Albertis«. While I was still completing my Abitur (the German equivalent of an International Baccalaureate degree), I was accepted into the actors ensemble of the Deutsche Schauspielhaus of Hamburg. After, I enjoyed permanent engagements on stage at the Münchner Volkstheater as well as the Theater in Basel.

In addition to my stage roles, I played a leading role in several films (including »Nanga Parbat« and »The Baader Meinhof Complex«), worked in radio (Deutschlandradio, BR, SWR, NDR) as well as in television.

My Photography

The primary focus in my photography is both the quality of light as well as communicating with my subjects. I rely on my background in Film and Theater to influence my staging, which I keep very casual and natural.

Photography and creating portraits are each an art of meditation for me. I engage in a connection with the subject as well as a location, trying to achieve an active exchange between both until there is a true flow and not much left to be done.

Creative self-expression and spiritual development are both the same to me – they unfold together.

The projects

I approach life playfully and with humor. I photograph, create films, experiment, connect, construct, stage and design my environment artistically. My curiosity has very few limitations: this is how my books, exhibitions, objects, light installations, photography series, and much more, are created. Slowly, but surely, I also examine the interplay and connections among my fields. I believe that »Syartas Reise«, a book and exhibition project about church asylum, is where I was able to do so in the most successful way.

I also work and worked editorially for the publishing house »Der Theaterverlag/Das TheaterMagazin«, the foundation »FuturZwei«, in film animation (»Lifeswap«) and in podcast production. Moreover I was working routinely as creative director.


Finally, I always have side projects. At the moment I am developing an audio drama series along with my colleague and photographer Juliane Eirich.

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